Cassie Applegate, RN, CNM

Cassie Applegate, RN, CNM

Hello, my name is Cassie Applegate and I was born and raised in Spearfish, South Dakota.  I am excited about returning to my home in the Black Hills and offering midwifery services to this community.  I truly believe that birth can be empowering in any setting, but that there is something magical about being alongside a woman giving birth on her own power in her own home.  
We have forgotten what normal physiologic birth looks like in our society, and home birth allows for a woman to be essentially undisturbed and yet guided by a supportive midwife.  My style of midwifery incorporates the most recent evidence-based guidelines provided by my extensive Master's education, while also incorporating the millenia of woman-centered midwifery care provided by midwives before me.  
I provide holistic care, involving the whole family, and am "with woman."  I also like to discuss herbs, tinctures, and alternative options as an adjunct to your prenatal care.


Cassie Applegate has been involved in pregnancy and birth in some form since 2007.  In 2009, she graduated from South Dakota State University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  At that point she took a job as a Registered Nurse at the University of Colorado Hospital birth center, working with midwives (who did waterbirth in the hospital!), family medicine physicians, and obstetricians.  During this time she also studied to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and graduated from Frontier Nursing University with her Master of Science in Nursing in 2014.  

During her education she attended births at three hospital-based midwifery practices, and one freestanding birth center. She also had experience as a home birth assistant during this time which provided insight into the wonderful world of home birth. After graduation she began work with a private hospital-based midwifery group in Colorado where she also received plenty of office experience with high-risk clients, IUD placement, birth control, and gynecologic care.

Like most women, Cassie has been particularly impacted by the birth of her own children. She has two young sons who were both born under the care of midwives. Her first son, Vox, was born at a freestanding birth center in Colorado in 2011.  She loved how empowering it was to labor and give birth and that her body was quite capable of doing everything it needed to do.  Her second son, Felix, was a waterbirth in a Colorado hospital with midwifery care.  Again, she felt like if she could give birth naturally, she could do anything!  Not only were Cassie's birth experiences important in forming her as a midwife, but so was her breastfeeding relationship with her two children.  Cassie very much believes that home birth is the best start to a successful breastfeeding relationship! 

In early 2016, she and her family decided to move back to their roots in South Dakota.  This move provided the opportunity for Cassie to fulfill her dream of starting a home birth midwifery practice!

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